NanoTox 2021 Submitted Abstracts

#1 by Lesley , Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:48 am

A number of abstracts have been submitted to NanoTOX2021 and are waiting for confirmation.
The abstracts and contact details are here on the BIORIMA Forum, to enable you to initiate or participate in ongoing discussions with the experts about their work and results.

These include:

“Exploring the biocompatibility, efficacy and biodegradability of carbohydrates-derived carbon nanoparticles for photo-thermal therapy of lung cancer”
Contact: Ida Kokalari i

Long-term evolution of the epithelial cell secretome in preclinical 3D models of the human bronchial epithelium
Contact: Stephanie Devineau

Pulmonary effect of exposure to Fe3O4-PEG-PLGA nanoparticles via pharyngeal aspiration in wild type and Nrf2 knockout mice
Contact: Gaku Ichihara

“Toward a revitalized vision of ethics and safety for the revolutionary nanotechnologies”.
Contact: Bengt Fadeel

Unmasking the Surface Effect: A superficial view of nanotoxicology
Contact: Bengt Fadeel

A battery of tests for nanobiomaterial high throughput cyto- and genotoxicity testing
Contact: Marie Carriere:

Decision Support System for risk assessment and management of nano(bio)materials used in medical devices and advanced therapy medicinal products
Contact: Alex Zabeo;
Virginia Cazzagon

In vitro Alternatives to Acute Inhalation Toxicity Studies in Animal Models Dania Movia, Adriele Prina-Mello
Contact: Dania Movia

New descriptors in toxicology prediction of nanomaterials: Using quasi-ab initio MD simulations for the estimation of aqueous ZnO and TiO2 surface structure parameters
Contact: Benjamí Martorell Masip

Converting grouping Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATAs) to for the effective risk assessment of nanobiomaterials with medical applications
Contact: Suzanne Gillies

Developing Integrated Approaches for Testing and Assessment of nanobiomaterial safety following intravenous exposure
Contact: Suzanne Gillies

Experiences with a higher tier test design simulating environmental fate and effect of medical products after the use phase.
Contact: Kerstin Hund-Rinke

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